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I think as an artist you have to paint what is near and dear to your heart. What you know well. It's no doubt that I have a soft spot in my heart for animals. I grew up with dogs and cats. So it might be surprising that before my husband and I got our first dog as a family, I had some reservations. We had two cats for almost 20 years and I always believed they were relatively easier to care for than dogs, at least in my opinion. However, our son, who was 10 at the time--had been wanting a dog for quite awhile and I felt he had waited long enough. Even while driving to pick up our new puppy, part of me wanted to turn back--the barking, dog hair, piles of poo in the yard, potty training, exercising them, and the boarding we would have to pay for when going on vacation--it had been over 20 years since I had a dog and just wasn't sure I was ready.

As it turns out I was ready. Now, five years later--after that puppy was first placed in my arms--we delight in the TWO doggie outlines that pop up in the window when we pull up in the driveway, one in the shape of a golden retriever mix and the other a Great Pyrenees mix--a rescue from Texas. Yes, it's more work, but they are my forever toddlers and I wouldn't change a thing. They are a large part of my inspiration.

This is why I'm so excited to have my artwork at Homeward Pet in Woodinville. It's a place where families are completed with the unconditional love of a pet--just like mine was. Homeward Pet is a no-kill shelter located in Woodinville, Washington.  They have generously offered me a very large wall space to hang my artwork. It's the hallway where people go to meet and greet their potential new best friend. It's a lively, active space where the people there are working towards the well-being of the animals. I want my art work to be able to give back in the best possible way, and this is it. I will be donating 20% of my sales for any artwork purchased on the wall at Homeward Pet back to Homeward Pet.

Fresh and colorful paintings line the wall at Homeward Pet, a no-kill shelter in Woodinville, Washington.

Also, on occasion, I will be featuring a painting of an animal that--due to special circumstances--has been at Homeward the longest. On one of my visits to Homeward Pet, I met Cooper, a Blue-Tick Coonhound. I had never even heard of the breed but he is beautiful and charming. He has been at the shelter for months, but is currently under foster care to heal from his surgeries. He is sure to make someone a wonderful companion once he has healed. Once he finds his forever home, this painting will be gifted to his adoptive family.

Cooper and the painting that will go home with his adopter as a gift.

Here are the paintings that are currently hanging at Homeward Pet. 

"Just a Little Sip" 24" X 24" Acrylic on Canvas, $640.00

"Hello, Friend" 16" X 20" Acrylic on Canvas, $460.00

"Confetti Maker" 24" X 24" Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas, $640.00. I tore up an old dog-training book to create this one. 

"Coming In For A Landing" 24" X 24" Acrylic on Canvas. $640.00

"Coming In For A Landing" 24" X 24" Acrylic on Canvas. $640.00

"Make Waves" 24" X 30" Acrylic on Canvas. $800.00  

"My Heart Is On The Line" 16" X 20" Acrylic on Canvas. $460.00

"My Heart Is On The Line" 16" X 20" Acrylic on Canvas. $460.00

If you're interested in purchasing any of the paintings here, or want to talk about having your own pet painted, contact me at 

Now go hug your own dog or cat, but if you don't have one and think you are ready to adopt, I happen to know of a great place you can go. ;) Take care.

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