Welcome to my new website! It has been a few years since I've had one. Not since these days...

And I sooo enjoyed drawing the strip. It really was one of the best times of my life. But now, other than custom comic strips, I've moved on to painting and focusing primarily on creating pet portraits. It's amazing how the ebb and flow of your life can bring you to express yourself in different ways. This is particularly true for the creative person.

When I was a young mother, the comic strip provided the perfect outlet for the humor as well as struggles I saw around me. Now that my son is a teenager, my two dogs act as my forever toddlers. It felt natural and right to make the switch over to painting them, and everyone else's dog as well! I like this because painting someone else's pet is more about bringing to light the client's own unique relationship to their pet. 

My hope for this blog is to focus on not only promoting my own art, but to support other artists and bring to light animal rescue organizations. I hope you enjoy reading it.